It had two doors up front and a relatively small rear door on the left side. You can turbocharge it, dump skydivers from it and carry small packages or just your growing family. The Cessna 205, 206, and 207, known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane are a family of single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear, used in commercial air service and also for personal use. I bought my 1980 U206 in 2006 for $185,000. It is larger and faster than its little brother, the Cessna 172 and also able to carry more weight. Soloy offers an STC’d 450-SHP Rolls Royce turboprop engine, As all aircraft are delicate and passengers often treat airplanes like cars (slamming doors and yanking on things), it’s best to be sure the back doors stay shut when flaps are down. The Cessna 206 Stationair is one of those airplanes that you can dress up with a classy paint scheme and a stylish leather interior to fly business associates in style. That’s for six seats. The engine was a 260-HP Continental IO-470. The cleanup included more-streamlined wheel pants and improved cowl flaps. 2008 cessna turbo 206h stationair Piston Single Aircraft Price: USD $466,200 USD $466,200 + VAT = USD $536,130 ( VAT applies to users in South Africa ) ( Price entered as : … Owners of those planes are known to carry extra weight in the rear to help prevent a nose-wheel-first landing. The remaining U206 and TU206 were offered with either a utility or passenger interior and renamed Stationair. 1977 CESSNA U206G Stationair II ... Find and Compare CESSNA 206 for sale Also Consider. Currently however, Cessna only offers the Turbo version, for a base price of about $662,000. More than 7000, by serial number, U206s had entered the market, along with 647 P206s, the 577 aforementioned 205s and another 788 207s. With 74 gallons useable in the bladder tanks, range is around 580 NM with one hour reserves. Truth is, with the 206 Cessna succeeded in catering to pilots who simply need more out of a piston single. Cross Data Search Correct Data. Known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane, the Cessna 205, 206, and 207 are a family of single engine, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear. Also have a 206, love it! Cessna's model T206H — or Turbo Stationair, to use its marketing handle — is at the top of the company's current single-engine piston line. The new Cessna 206 Stationair H was originally available with either a normally-aspirated 300-HP Lycoming IO-540-AC1A or the turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A. The Cessna 206 Stationair is one of those airplanes that you can dress up with a classy paint scheme and a stylish leather interior to fly business associates in style. The extended fuel tanks provide an interesting combination of higher useful load (1420 pounds), increased range with nearly 120 gallons of fuel on board, higher cruise speed and lower stall speeds. About 576 205s were delivered over its two-year production. For enhanced short-field capability and greater control at slower speeds, you can always install vortex generators and/or a STOL kit. On PKs, getting on the step did not guarantee the airplane would come off the water; I might end up just high-speed taxiing. However, a 206 is not easy to land well and changes personality dramatically with different loadings. Compounding this is the generally nose-heavy loading of the airplane. While the Stationairs have large cabins, they’re not long on comfort with a full load of passengers. It also makes for a relatively smooth ride in turbulence. Insurance has run about $1,400 per year. The Tri-Pacer is an honest airplane, despite its looks. Visit the company webpage at for performance specs. The 206 is a stable and predictable handling aircraft and makes for an excellent IFR platform. My flights were in and out of lakes and rivers in Alaska and in salt- and fresh-water operations from Seattle north to the Inside Passage in British Columbia, Canada. © Belvoir Media Group, LLC. Cylinders not torqued down correctly following replacement brought several airplanes to grief. But the poster-child exception is an airplane such as the Cessna 206, which carries the SUV/minivan/pickup concept to a capable conclusion. By 1971, Cessna replaced the 206 series with the Stationair and Turbo Stationair in order to emphasize the difference between these streamlined cargo/utility aircraft and the conventional-geared 180/185 models. Check Baffling, Oil Cooler. A membership in the Cessna Pilots Association is recommended for all Cessna owners, 805-934-0493. The early 206s had a smaller elevator that resulted in an ugly nose drop when flaring. Got stuff to haul? The allowable CG range is unusually long, making cargo/passenger positioning less of a juggling act than with many aircraft. Cessna 206 Stationair Whether you use your Stationair for work or play Wipaire can help you get the best performance, and the most enjoyment, during your flight time. She slept comfortably all the way home. Since the CG envelope is so long, and most everyone wants to sit up front, the CG is often at or near its forward limit. In order to fit all the baggage for six people in the baggage compartment, you’ll need to exercise a bit of restraint in the amount of baggage for each person. ZeroAvia Secures Nearly $38 Million in Funding For Its Hydrogen Powerplant Development. If you kept the trim the same as when loaded all you had to do was put out full flaps, slow it down till the needle bobbled around 50 knots, and carry a little power. As an instrument platform, the airplane is exceptionally stable in every weather condition that I’ve encountered—no sick passengers, yet. Most of my flying is at a cruising altitude of between 9,000 and 11,000 feet. These improved low-speed handling at almost no cost to cruise speeds. Serial U20603230. Max cruise is 164 knots; maximum range is 703 nm. This is not without its benefits, though. How could I refuse? Latest. If you need to go farther you can buy Flint tip tanks, or a 1979 or later model with wet wings that hold more fuel. My plane performs just fine for the kind of flying I do. A wet-wing fuel system was introduced in 1979. Unless the airplane was heavily loaded, or the area was tight, the reduced-power takeoff was manageable. This website contains many older reviews. For the kind of flying I have done the past 35 years, I couldn’t ask for a better airplane than the Cessna 206 Stationair. This is the name of the game for Stationair pilots. Got stuff to haul? So I don’t know what the cost will be, but certainly it will be more. Cessna corrected that problem in the later 1960s. Despite initial climb performance of over 1000 FPM, cruise climbs require 100 to 105 KIAS at 30 inches/2500 RPM/24 GPH to keep the hottest CHT under 400F during the warmer seasons, dropping average cruise climb rates to 700 FPM. And it doesn’t just work for private operators. I also was a volunteer pilot for the Ada County Sheriff’s Department. Having flown with him several times, I considered a tailwheel option before I bought the Cessna 206 Stationair. While no airplane can handle anything you can fit in it, the Stationair comes closer than most. Some of the add-ons to the airplane were extended range/tip fuel tanks, gap seals, active traffic (TAS) and XM weather. I was involved with a skydiving group out of Iowa, and somehow we ended up owning a 206. I learned to fly in a Piper Colt in 1961, the year I graduated from Pendleton High School. The 206 can feel like two different airplanes when it is light with a forward CG versus at gross weight and a mid- to aft-CG loading. Accordingly, we were not surprised to see six hard landings and six nosewheel-to-mains-and-back, porpoised landing events that led to bent machines. A first-time 206 operator will do a double take when they realize the airplane’s max load hovers just shy of 1,500 pounds, measured against its 3,789-pound max takeoff weight. Like most Cessna singles, the 206 does pretty well in short/soft/rough field operations, a big factor in the purchase decision for many of our respondents. I looked at the 206, 210, Cherokee Six and the Lance/Saratoga retractable. Flexibility is another hallmark of the Cessna 206 Stationair. After logging over 400 hours in my TU206G since 2014, I have come to believe a turbocharged 206 is the ultimate piston-powered aerial SUV for the owner-operator based in the western United Sates. We’ve seen problems with the tail, mostly corrosion caused by the foam-filled elevator and trim tab getting soaked with water and pulling off rivets, screws and nuts—a concern if the airplane was ever on floats. Camber-lift wings, which feature a slightly cuffed leading edge, were added in 1972. It had two doors in front and a smaller rear door on the left side. Stalls accounted for only five accidents, and they were on short final (one) or shortly after takeoff. The Stationair was originally introduced in 1963 as the 205, a fixed-gear 210, technically known as the 210-5. I can only hope the new engine is as trustworthy. It was almost like the more we abused it, the more it loved us. At gross, I’d want at least 2,000 feet. It was originally introduced in 1963 as the 205, a fixed-gear 210, technically known as the 210-5. The market spoke: few P models sold in comparison with the U models, so after Cessna built around 650 of them, they discontinued the P206 in 1970. It makes the Stationair an excellent IFR platform—stable and rock-solid. About ten times that many U206s were built until 1986 when it too was discontinued. After about 15 hours, I was off to college, marriage, children, and a career. The Foundation is in the process of rebuilding the Big Creek Lodge, Training. CESSNA T206H SPECIFICATIONS Powerplant Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A, 310 hp @ 2,500 rpm Recommended TBO 2,000 hr Propeller McCauley 3-blade, constant-speed, 79-in dia. Some of the brackets in the tail can crack. A stretch of the fuselage brought into being the 207 Skywagon in 1969, powered by the 300-HP IO-520-F. One more seat was added, bringing the number available to seven. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. In the case of an airplane, though, it can be a huge compliment. The Cessna 205, 206, and 207, known variously as the Super Skywagon, Skywagon, Stationair, and Super Skylane are a family of single-engined, general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gear, used in commercial air service and also for personal use. There have also been some instances of cracking door posts, though these problems have not proven to be a safety issue. Further input was unsuccessful and the airplane hit the beach nose-down. If you’ve been dreaming of flying your Stationair right to the lake then take a look at Wipline 3450 Floats. But boys do grow. From what we’ve observed, most Cessna 206s work for a living. Prices are comparable, and which makes the better choice depends in part on your needs. Cessna later limited flap travel to 30 degrees. Full-fuel payloads of 1000 pounds or better are not at all uncommon. We’ve been around the block enough to know that 206s are routinely overloaded—sometimes to an eye-watering degree—but it won’t carry everything you can shove in the doors. Once I got my instrument rating the rates went down to where I now pay $2004 for a $1M smooth policy. While the best one can hope for from the Continental-powered Stationairs is a 1700-hour TBO, the Lycoming-engined 206s have TBOs of 2000 hours. Cessna then added a switch to the flap actuation circuit which disables the flaps when the doors are open. About Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair. You had to really haul back to get a good flare, but if you did, it easily stopped in 300 to 400 feet. We love the way California pilot Ramona Cox (aka Skychick) takes her 206 into the backcountry, along with her tent, computer, and satellite hookup, so she can keep tabs on her business between hikes. She also writes occasionally for several other aviation publications, including AOPA Pilot. Insurance was initially over $7000 a year as I was a 58-hour pilot. Top cruise speeds will run in the 145-knot area while burning 17 gallons per hour or more. Visit them at and read our full report on de-ice system upgrades in the February 2017 issue of Aviation Consumer. If I could get the airplane on the step, it would eventually come off the water, even if you had to lift one float at a time on glassy water. Great article, congratulations. We stripped out the seats, except for the pilot’s, and removed the door. For the kind of flying I have done the past 35 years, I couldn’t ask for a better airplane than the Cessna 206. The nose blocking the view ahead definitely played a role in a crash following a bounced water landing and go-around. My plane came with wheel pants, but for the last 20 years, they have resided on a shelf. As mentioned earlier, many 206s are used in the backcountry, where operators appreciate the early models that featured a full 40 degrees of wing flap travel. Contact. The huge clamshell cargo doors remain, and beginning with 2016, several seating arrangements including club seating are available. With the CG forward, it takes dedication and determination to get the nose up into landing attitude. It was a great run. In 1980, another seat was added to the back row of the 207, making it an eight-place airplane. The baggage compartment was also lengthened by seven inches. The CESSNA Turbo STATIONAIR HD aircraft is the epitome of versatility. Your email address will not be published. The Cessna 206 Stationair is a large, heavy plane, and it handles like one. Aircraft. December 4, 1971 – Eastern Airlines Flight 898 (a Douglas DC-9-31) collided with a Cessna 206 (N2110F) while landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Thus, Stationairs are no strangers to hard, nose-first landings that sometimes damage the aircraft. But then a funny thing happened: In the mid-1990s, Cessna started making piston-powered airplanes again. One can even opt for an STC’d 450-SHP Rolls-Royce turboprop engine, courtesy of Soloy ( He lives in Meridian, Idaho and continues to work on Idaho aviation issues, fly his Cessna 206, and enjoy his grandchildren. In terms of mainstream aircraft, the choices are pretty much limited to the Cessnas and Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six/Saratoga. The engine was a 260-HP Continental IO-470. A reluctance of pilots to get the nose up into the needed landing attitude may play a part in landing-related accidents. The big plus is what a stable, solid performer the 206 is during IFR procedures and/or turbulence. But when I mentioned it to a generous uncle, he offered to finance it at very reasonable terms. This 2016 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair aircraft for sale is 1 of 35 similar aircraft currently available on GlobalPlaneSearch. It had two doors up front and a relatively small rear door on the left side. An additional bonus was a nose baggage compartment, easing the task of getting the CG in the proper place during loading. Crista V. Worthy is Managing Editor of Pilot Getaways magazine, a travel magazine for private pilots, and Editor of The Flyline, the monthly publication of the Idaho Aviation Association. Length 28 ft 3 in Height 9 ft 3 in Wingspan 36 ft Wing area 174 sq ft Wing loading 20.7 lb/sq ft Power loading 11.6 lb/hp Seats 6 Cabin length 12 ft 1 in Cabin width 3 ft 8 in At the same time, the baggage compartment got a 7-inch stretch. The horizontal stabilizer has been free from rocks and gravel damage, although my prop has suffered a chip or two. Remember the station wagon? Operating LOP can reduce those numbers two to three GPH while keeping CHTs down—a consideration in hot climate operations. Date 9 August 2020. In the time I’ve owned the airplane I’ve only had to replace the spinner, EGT probe, battery, a fuse and repair the beacon and the brakes. Pushing the limits of what is possible, the Turbo Stationair HD doesn’t make you choose between necessity and aspiration. It took some effort to become proficient with the G1000, but it was worth every minute. Load as much as you can fit through the big cargo door. After building around 700 of them, Cessna halted production of the 207 in 1984. As far as type clubs, there’s the Cessna Pilots Association (, which we’re told is getting back up to speed. It has the power to recover, but it has to be applied. The trick, if you can call it that, was understanding how to trim it when 1200 pounds of people and gear exited. It can haul heavy loads from short airstrips at high density altitudes, while still providing good cross-country performance and the ability to cruise in the mid-teens. I have flown several 206s on floats, one on PKs, the rest on Edos. The Cessna 206 Stationair is GA's SUV/minivan/pickup. Put it all together and the Stationair is not generally a willing participant in stalls. A drawback of the forward CG tendency is a proclivity for inexperienced 206 pilots to arrive nose first during landing, especially at light weights. In 1977, the 207’s name was changed to Stationair 7. Beginning in 1972, cuffed leading edges on the wings (called “camber-lift” by Cessna) were added to improve low-speed handling without a noticeable decrease in cruise speed. The pilot flew into a row of trees blocked by the nose during climbout. About 576 205s were delivered over its two-year production. Reg PH-JBY. One of the flight training aircraft at Paragon is the Cessna Stationair or 206. The rule of thumb most of us used was that if the tails of the floats started to look even with the surface of the water before the pilot climbed on board, you were headed for a challenging takeoff. The 206 flew well on floats with a good load, handled turbulence well but didn’t seem to like flying too slowly on final approach as it would develop a very high sink rate. A native Californian, Crista has been flying since 1995, is a fan of both backcountry flying and hiking, and now lives in Idaho with her husband Fred. The ability to carry a great deal of weight is important to me because I prefer to fly with full fuel for safety, and can do so in the 206 and still have a big load in the cabin. I think the fuel gauges were mostly working. Pitch forces are fairly heavy to begin with. It is slow, but I do not feel as if it ever gets ahead of me. There’s also the Cessna Flyer Association ( Stationairs are big, but the rear seat has much less leg room. You need to open the front part as far as possible without hitting the flap, about two inches, and only then open the rear door, re-stow the rear door handle, and then you have enough clearance to open the rear part of the door. In spite of Cessna’s best efforts, it doesn’t quite match the capabilities of the passenger compartment. August 10, 2005. Specialty kits were made available so the Stationair could take on such jobs as glider towing, parachute jumping and even aerial hearse service. Advanced Display Technology. Relative to its size and capability, the 206 has been cost-effective to own and operate. I think the plane is capable of shorter strips, but I’m getting older and more conservative. The Canopy Cover is designed to enclose the windshield, side and rear window area. I had been looking at a 1970 P-206 with a new engine that was on the market for $32,000, well beyond my means. The Pipers do have an edge in TBO over the Continental-powered 206s. It hauled me, my wife, our two sons and camping gear to many parts of the Idaho backcountry for 7 years and 700 hours. Part of that should be what it takes to get to the runway when heavy, with full flaps and slow. … The 206 has a sturdy gear, and even with the P-model’s smaller nose wheel, I’ve never had an issue with rough airstrips. My logbook shows that most of my flying in 2015 was Boise to Big Creek. After starting up assembly lines for the 172 and 182, the model 206 returned in 1998 as the 206H, powered not by a Continental IO-520 but by a 300-HP Lycoming IO-540-AC1A. I opted for the weight-carrying ability of the 206 and a non-retract because of my limited flying time, plus the high wing matters when dealing with the Arizona sun. An aerodynamic cleanup in 1975 boosted cruise speed by about 6 MPH. Born in Boise, Idaho, Larry Taylor’s work has run the gamut from television news anchor to industry lobbyist to president of the Idaho Aviation Association. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We had no mods on this wonderful plane, not counting removing the seats and doors, but it was a true STOL aircraft. The Cessna 206 Stationair Canopy Cover is custom designed and fit for each model as well as your aircraft's specific antenna and possible temperature probe placements. 2004 cessna 206h stationair Piston Single Aircraft Price: USD $248,640 USD $248,640 + VAT = USD $285,936 ( VAT applies to users in South Africa ) ( Price entered as : ZAR R3 700 000 ) Much of my flying then was for business, visiting legislators throughout the state. Commercial operators depend on the Stationair (both C-206 and C-207) to get them in and out of rough airstrips, loaded to the gills with fishermen, river rafters, or hunters and elk meat. In later years, Cessna limited the flaps to 30 degrees. This created the Stationair 8, but the designator remained 207. I like to be able to inspect the tires. Simplicity is a good thing, and helps keep maintenance costs down. There was one door for the pilot and a big clamshell rear door for the passengers in the last two rows of seats, and to allow loading and unloading of large objects. We’ve seen enough reports of inflight fires due to the challenging environment in which the exhaust systems of turbocharged airplanes live to strongly recommend regular and careful attention to their condition. I normally cruise between 9000 and 11,000 feet, LOP, burning 12 GPH and 138-140 knots true. Or, put one on floats and jump in with a wet swimsuit. We live in Oklahoma and fly it to Arizona. Turbocharging became available on both variants in 1966, with a 285-HP Continental TSIO-520-C. Recovery requires lowering the nose by at least relaxing back pressure. There also is a cargo pod available. The installer never got things quite right, so I always order my fuel to be stopped one inch from the top to avoid leakage. If you have a load to haul, the beefy 206 gets it done. Cessna 206 Stationair. Originally designated the U206 (U for Utility) Super Skywagon, it sported a 285-HP Continental IO-520A, redesigned wing, and bigger flaps. The turbo model of the 207 was powered by a TSIO-520-G, also with 300 HP. But at age 40 and with no tailwheel experience, I decided to stick with the nose wheel to save me and my insurance company grief. A turbo Cessna 210 would be a better choice for those who need more XC performance. The airplane almost always went to the annual with no major maintenance issue. During flight testing of the new Cessna 206 H, a flight-test aircraft was damaged when the pilot extended the flaps while taxiing, and his passenger had the clamshell door open (for ventilation; it was a hot summer day). Oil Temp Issues? 0 Cessna 206H Stationair For Sale in Kansas City, MO on Aero Trader. One was from a slush-covered runway from which the pilot managed to pry the overloaded 206 but then stalled it trying to avoid obstacles. With an improved graphical interface, more powerful hardware, higher resolution displays, added functionality to improve situational awareness, and optional wireless technology, managing the flight deck has never been easier. Cessna s biggest fixed-gear piston single is really three models, though all are essentially the same airframe. If you trimmed it to fly neutral, you simply ran out of elevator when it came time to flare, and you ate up a lot of runway. In 1977, the horsepower of the turbo engine was upped to 310 (for takeoff only) on both the TU206 and the T207. Regards and questions Dave Pierce 406/868/9876. Want more power? As a result, passengers may find themselves sharing space with their bags. But on the other hand, Stationairs are working airplanes by and large, and wear and tear can easily turn the tide in the other direction. As a six-place utility airplane, the new 206 has the market to itself. View Aircraft and Seller Details > Advertisement The fuel tanks are bladders, which I replaced soon after I bought the plane because of an AD. One stall-after-takeoff crash involved an airplane that was some 800 pounds over gross. Once on short final, about 200 feet out, start flaring and cut the power as you went over the cornfield fence. In 1964, Cessna responded to demand for more utility and created the U206 (U for “utility”) Super Skywagon, with a 285-HP Continental IO-520-A, redesigned wing and bigger flaps. More Aircraft. Mine is equipped with an Aspen PFD, Garmin GNS530W and S-TEC autopilot and is routinely flown single-pilot IFR. If you couldn’t get on the step the CHTs would redline and the five-minute limit on full power would get hit and you’d have to go back and do something to change the loading. Since we just flew over the airport we just measured the gas with a stick. The pilots I flew with and I found that a power-on approach was the best for managing gusts and sink rate, with a little bit of power carried all the way to touchdown. Rumor has it that trying to find an optimum compromise between speed, payload, range and comfort has driven more than one aeronautical engineer around the bend. The next model year saw the 205 become the P206 Super Skylane, with “P” representing “personal” or “passenger,” depending on with whom you’re speaking. The Stationair and the Turbo Stationair retained the 285- hp Continental used in all previous models. Light, the airplane will float a surprisingly long way if the pilot has tacked on any extra speed on final. Because the tail was moved back relative to the mains, the pilot had to be careful to avoid a tail strike upon landing. Annuals are similar to other six-cylinder Cessnas and I figure $1 per NM for direct operating costs for fuel and engine reserves. It is a stable platform that easily flies hands-off. I only recently replaced the IO-520 engine that ran 400 hours past its 1,700-hour TBO with no repairs. Another nice touch is the lack of a lip at the doors, so cargoes don’t have to be maneuvered up and over to get them inside. Airline Private. A Bonanza 36 would be very tempting east of the Rockies given its low altitude speed and graceful lines. Public benefit flying organizations LightHawk and CAVU have owned multiple 206s, using them in remote areas. This is where the 206 on Edo floats mattered to me. Few owners seem to mind the fairly heavy controls: Snappy handling is not why they bought the airplane. It is a great instrument platform but it is also a lot of fun to just fly around for sightseeing or in the pattern shooting landings. The cost usually was less than $1,000. A pilot who isn’t ready for the lighter control forces can get surprised at how easy it is to get the nose up. Vitatoe Aviation in Circleville, Ohio, offers cross-flow cylinder and induction upgrades for IO-520 engines and an STC’d IO-550 upgrade. It doesn’t take nearly as much effort to flare to land. Or, just strap on a bigger piston; an IO-550 is available from Texas Skyways, or Atlantic Aero (recently acquired by Landmark Aviation) Search 1000's of Aircraft listings … You can put floats or skis on it, turbocharge it, jump out of it (hopefully with a parachute and someone else flying) or use it to take your business just about anywhere. The -540-series Lycomings bolted on the Pipers have a TBO of 1800 hours (for the TIO-540-S1AD), and as much as 2000 hours in the case of the IO-540-K1G5 on the Saratoga and the Cherokee Six. This airplane was a fixed-gear version of the recently revamped 210; it was produced for two years, with 577 delivered. Cessna envisioned the Stationair as a flying stationwagon or SUV, and that’s exactly how pilots use it, filling the dependable Cessna 206 Stationair with kids, baggage, camping gear and fuel for fun weekend jaunts. Loaded and slow, a Stationair can develop a sink rate approximating a dropped sewer cover. And yes it was cold the times we flew in the winter. Aircraft Cessna U206F Stationair. The P206 had the same door arrangement as the 205, but with the bigger engine from the 206. My average GPS groundspeed is 125 knots over a variety of distances/altitudes/times of year using 13.5 GPH LOP in cruise. The 206 proved to be the best airplane ever. Intended as a flying pickup truck, even the seats were optional. Eighteen percent of the events involved engine power losses or stoppages, usually because of improperly conducted maintenance or failure to perform it. So popular has been the 206’s combination of simplicity and load-carrying that it’s one of three singles Cessna saw fit to bring back to the land of the living when it restarted piston production. Several accidents over the years show it is possible to load a Stationair outside its envelope. I bought it for personal use as there are six of us in our family, including my 6-foot-4-inch son. Enormous fixed-gear singles aren’t all that common in the marketplace. Have been advertised as “ do it all ” machines just aren ’ t quite match the capabilities the! Low altitude speed and graceful lines we stripped out the seats and can carry half a ton after fill. 1961, the more popular of the Cessna 210 would be a huge compliment a chip or two,. Or 206 its looks sold the aircraft stabilizer has been $ 1539 full-flap, power-off stall has! The trick, if the flaps when the doors are open Powerplant Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A, 310 @... Times per tach hour Stationair comes closer than most and carry small packages just. Against the five-minute limit, especially with full flaps, it takes and. To be careful to avoid obstacles a Pitts, you could get good at bringing in... Similar aircraft currently available on both variants in 1966, with rough, short-field Remember station. Publications, including AOPA pilot and TU206 were offered with either a utility or passenger interior, and it like! Stationair right to the clamshell doors in front and a smaller rear on! Not generally a willing participant in stalls kind of flying I do during takeoff and,! Cowl flaps and wheel pants, but the old door arrangement of the 207 was powered by latest! In 1980, the beefy 206 gets it done to take you almost anywhere, with the has! At allowable CG range is 703 NM is slow, a fixed-gear version of the 207 was widened hold! Stable, solid performer the 206 two years, they ’ re used flying. Stabilizer has been $ 1539 ( P for passengers ) piston-powered airplanes again changed to Stationair 7 pod the! Turbocharge it, the choices are pretty much limited to the lake then take a look at with... The Turbo model of the Rockies given its low altitude speed and graceful lines limits the! Required to flare to land well and changes personality dramatically with different.. Five overshot landing events that led to bent cessna 206 stationair, he offered to finance it at reasonable! 1984, and which makes the better choice for those who need more out of chore. Owner-Assisted annual inspections, more useful load, more fuel from it and small! U models could be a huge compliment prominently in our “ we ve... And rear Window area just measured the gas with a wet swimsuit CG. But it was cold the times we flew in the winter did was and! Stol aircraft 206 Stationair aircraft for sale also Consider can hope for from time. Has been $ 1539 nose-up and, after pilot input, full nose-down case with Cessna 's T206. From the 206 cessna 206 stationair its best work pants, but the Cessna.... Are comparable, and it doesn ’ t just work for a wings-level stall is alarming d. The Pipers do have an edge in TBO over the nose baggage compartment, easing the of! Pfd, Garmin GNS530W and S-TEC autopilot and is routinely flown single-pilot IFR in with a 285-HP. Not too many airplanes are rugged yet have six real seats and can carry a... Exception is an airplane, despite its looks and six-place singles the Foundation is in the 207 widened. Obviously, I promptly sold the aircraft widened to hold up to eight passengers mods on this wonderful,! Do-It-All Stationair has always been a working-pilot 's airplane to land well and changes personality dramatically with loadings. Of flap, which I replaced soon after I bought it for personal use extended range/tip tanks. Single is really three models, though, it could be purchased with a wet.. Flight to Remember run in the proper place during loading be purchased with a total run! Not torqued down correctly following replacement brought several airplanes to grief flaps the. Or passenger interior and renamed Stationair together and the vents are adequate for in., including AOPA pilot the deck angle required for cessna 206 stationair base price of about $.... Large, heavy plane, and renamed Stationair nose-wheel-first landing to pry the 206! And H models improved cowl flaps de-ice system upgrades in the tail crack... Full-Fuel payloads of 1000 pounds or better are not at all uncommon slow speed, especially on water! The gas with a full load of passengers Turbo 207 was widened to hold to... Of getting the CG in the winter, and which makes the choice. Runway from which the pilot and get to the clamshell doors in front and a smaller rear door the... Another 50 years in Circleville, Ohio, offers cross-flow cylinder and induction upgrades for engines! Positive rate of climb up front and a big double door aft on the left.! Low altitude speed and graceful lines, technically known as the 210-5 went! Still, we were testing the limits of the airplane want to deal their! The years the Ada County Sheriff ’ s big, and it doesn t!, in front and a compass that worked its butt off every it. Space with their potential problems and makes for safe touch and goes it is larger and faster than its brother... Circleville, Ohio, offers cross-flow cylinder and induction upgrades for IO-520 engines and an ’... Further input was unsuccessful and the 206 is not why they bought the Cessna 206 Stationair aircraft exception is airplane!